1992 is the year when La Perla di Torino’s story begins thanks to the ability to turn limits into opportunities. When its founder Sergio Arzilli, grown up in his family’s pastry laboratory, finds out to be celiac, he begins to study the art of chocolate making. Without losing the teachings he received, he starts treading a path that will lead him to successfully create a company that today represents the excellence of Italian chocolate.

An entrepreneurial project that kicks off from a small rear laboratory where Mr Arzilli works to the development of the product he has been pampering in his mind, studying all its details in depth: its flavour, its wrapping, its name. This is the birth of La Perla di Torino chocolate truffle, today known all over the world.

Since that moment, the small artisan reality of the beginning has evolved into an innovation-prone structured company with a gluten-free offer which also includes gianduiot pralines, spreads and chocolate bars together with lactose-free and no-added-sugar product ranges to respond to new market requests.

Sergio Arzilli’s passion for good chocolate, transmitted to his daughter Valentina who supports him at the head of the company, translates into strict standards of excellence in La Perla di Torino’s laboratory. Each and every chocolate truffle, each and every recipe is prepared with first quality ingredients and with processes respecting the raw material to enhance its scents and flavours, starting from the best Piedmont Tonda Gentile Trilobata Hazelnut.

La Perla di Torino has been acting in a story which narrates excellence and family values and which has elected the chocolate truffle its masterpiece. A product which is at the same time faithful to tradition and the subject of endless innovation. The first and now iconic creations, La Perla Nera and La Perla Bianca, are the ones which started a production that over the years has been playing with experimental and daring reinterpretations such as TiramisuSalted PeanutPistachio and Raspberry, which have been awarded with several international prizes.

o express high quality artisanal identity, for La Perla di Torino means to assure that each single product is perfect from its flavour: each new recipe comes from a creative process that can last several months. Same attention is given to the packaging, made by hand exposed to meticulous visual and manual controls.

The attention given to details leaded La Perla di Torino to gain the Global Standard for Food Safety BRC, a certification that guarantees the consumer on food safety thanks to a continuous control of company flows and traceability on the finished product. This is how La Perla di Torino brings the authentic taste of good chocolate according to the Turin tradition all over the world.