Vittorio was born in the village of Pesciotta and learned to use the net as a child. He went out fishing with his grandfather and soon learned to enjoy the fruits of the sea. ”.

Vittorio grew up with brtead and anchovies and matured his intelligence in the Cilento sun. He fell in love with Donatella a graduate and brillant woman. They got married and went to live in Trentino. They work tirelessly, he in the textilke industry and she founded the first nursery school in Trentino. Marco was born theywere happy but not entirely.

The sea was missing.


On 1991 they returned to Pisciotta and started over from her family's grocery store, they took over another shop and then opened a Restaurant in a small warehouse on the port of Pisciotta Marina. 


Vittorio resumed his beloved fishing with Menaica and anchiovies became one of their main specialties. 

Vito Puglia and Carlo Petrini, respectively Regional President and National President of Slow Food visited the restaurant in the year 2000.  Carlo Petrini tasted the Menaica Anchovieson bruschetta and Menaica anchivies bacame the first Slow Food Presidium in Campania.


 Menaica anchovies require a lot of commitment and dedication, in 2012 the restaurant was closed and completely replaced by the laboratory for processing and selling Menaica anchovies. Donatella  and Vittorio start over again several times, in facts entrepreneurs, architects  of their destiny in spite of many difficulties, protagonists of many battles. First of all for the protection of their profession, their being guardians of a millenary knowledge.