For over 100 years, our company has been producing and marketing artisanal sea salt from Trapani. The salt is the most important distinctive feature of the territory of Western Sicily, the fulcrum of identity that has always indisputably characterized it. The Culcasi family is the salt family: for four generations we have been committed to keeping this production tradition alive.

It all began with the purchase of a salt pan which had been damaged by a flood. It was recovered, set right and then tastefully and strategically enriched. It was the 1960s and the salt marshes were overrun by mud generated by the incessant rains, and it had become virtually unusable. The Culcasi family believed in this intrepid gamble, saving the salt flats from becoming a secure landfill. Time has proved us right.

The Trapani sea salt extraction activity is carried out in one of the most beautiful places in Sicily, at times enchanted, the natural habitat of the suggestive pink flamingos and numerous other species of aquatic birds. Salt pans and small windmills alternate, with the sea in the background, merging into the sky. There is a touch of magic and everything takes on picturesque contours: it deserves to be immortalized, especially at sunset.

This unique place, made up of salt pans tending towards blue in colour, sometimes white but also red, separated by thin strips of land with piles of dazzling white salt in plain sight, is therefore the background to a history of work and respect for customs handed down over time. Here, environment, life, effort and commitment become one, giving prestige to a city which is proud of its territory, history and salt culture.