White Sarawak grain pepper - 90gr

Sarawak pepper is a pepper coming from Malaysia, which, for its quality and particular processing, has no rivals. All production operations are carried out exclusively by Mr. Siew, who processes it within 24 hours after collection. Pepper is harvested from small plantations, with adult plants that produce very little pepper: the older the tree the less berries are produced, but of superior quality.

In Sarawak, pepper cultivation began in 1856, but only at the beginning of the twentieth century it began to develop. Today it is an important crop for the region and livelihood of about 67,000 peasants. In recent years, Kuching, the Malaysian Pepper Board, a government agency devoted to the development of pepper cultivation, has conducted policies to safeguard the quality of this spice and its development.

The work, exclusively designed by Mr. Siew, is carried out by machines that are  studied according to their needs. Primary operations are the washing, which is made with drinking water unlike other producers in the area that use river water, and cleaning by the pericarps, or the export of outer skins. Some processes require smoking, others instead the cooking in water pressure containers, a method that blocks the progression of ripening.

Fresh, ripe berries are showered with clean, cold water and processed thoroughly, using 6 pressure cookers. The two "skins" that cover the fruits are completely removed with the manual decorticator, washed with water during the process, until the pepper does not appear white. The berries are then dried for a few hours in a rudimentary furnace at 75 ° C

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