Who among you doesn’t have memories of joyful moments with family around a table prepared with tasty food? If you close your eyes and let yourself surrender to those memories, you will find pictures, colors, and then gently, fragrances, smells and aromas will emerge.

To us, a young couple in their thirties and parents of a beautiful baby girl, one of the most exciting things is to discover, along the Italian peninsula, the many artisans that, with effort and talent, are able to transform the raw materials that Mother Nature gives us, into real culinary delights.

Our mission is to bring Italy’s aromas to your table, evoking, by tasting the products proposed by us, emotions sure to become unforgettable memories.

Reliability, availability and promptness are what define us as a company.

Hoping to have you intrigued, we invite you to join us in this wonderful adventure discovering Italy’s aromas.

Enjoy browsing and enjoy your meal!