Rossi has been operating in Genoa since 1947 and specializes in the production and sale of high quality gourmet products.

The company is divided into 5 traditional shops, distributed in the center of Genoa, where you can breathe in the smell of tradition.
Pesto Rossi was born from the desire of the Panizza family to raise the quality bar.
An original recipe, without compromises, to get a product that could place itself on the tables of gourmets around the world.

The 1947 Pesto Rossi is considered one of the best - and being the best in Genoa means being the best anywhere.
This Pesto is made in the heart of the city, a few steps from the restaurant of the Panizza family, Il Genovese, where they often prepare and serve kilos of Pesto prepared in a huge marble mortar of the seventeenth century.

Pesto Rossi is prepared with the best traditional ingredients, it has no preservatives or heat treatments; this combined with the right experience in the selection of raw materials, a clear idea of the goal in mind, the connection with the land and the "know how" handed down from generation to generation make this pesto unique.