The Albiciocco is an innovative Infermentum's dessert , because it is the first leavened made with Type 1 flour. This kind of flour is less refined than 00 and it is very close to whole wheat flour because it contains a great quantity of bran. With this flour the product will have a slightly lower development but at the same time it will have a hint of bread and rustic, which can be felt both from the scent and from the most raw and compact chewiness. This aspect embraces perfectly with a traditional and simple combination like that of dark chocolate and apricot.

The Albiciocco contains dark chocolate with 63 % cocoa, which is grounded in the laboratory and then inserted into the dough.

The crankset is made with cocoa gruè, which is roasted and ground cocoa beans.The slightly bitter taste cleans the palate, balances the sweetness of the product and enhances the authenticity of the ingredients, which are harmoniously joined by vanilla in Madagascar pods.

The Albiciocco is a product that finds its maximun yield in the heat. Warming it near a heat source, on winter time, you will appreciate the softness of candied apricot, which will appear more like a jam rather than candied fruit, and the strong taste of dark chocolate. In addition, the warmth is able to maximize its softness enhancing the ingredients.


Type “01” soft wheat flour, candied apricots (16%), butter, pasteurised egg yolks, sugar, dark chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract) (6%), natural mother yeast (type “00” soft wheat flour, water), acacia honey, candied orange paste, whole powdered milk, salt, Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans.
Topping: cocoa nibs (toasted and crushed cacao beans), pasteurised egg whites

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